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Top Quality Product at Best Price

Everbright Solar was founded 10 years ago and the business was involved in providing supplies for all stages of the solar industry value chain, starting from silicon material, ingot growth, wafer slicing, solar cell, and solar panel encapsulation. The current focus of the company is providing solar panels and the balance of the system for grid solar energy generation products and off grid battery charging products.


Permit Package

We can design your roof top solar electric system for you to submit to your city to obtain a permit. Our turn around time is typically 2 days.


Grid Tie or Off Grid

We supply the industry's most efficient off grid battery charging mono crystalline solar panels for RV and Boating customers. We also supply extremely price competitive grid tie solar panels from various manufacturers. Please do call us 510-498-8221 for amazing deals.


Trusty & Reliable

We supply all major brands of inverters, such as SMA, Fronius, SolarEdge, Enphase, and Solis. Call us to inquire about the inverter selection, micro inverter VS string inverters, the pros and cons of each.


Your Grid Tie and Off Grid Battery Charging Based Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

Our website is being updated. Over the past 10 years, Everbright Solar Inc has become a trusted solar cells, solar panels, charge controllers, inverters in the greater Fremont CA area and beyond. We also are also wholesale export seller of solar cells to solar panel factories and other solar cell distributors overseas. Our business began in 2007, in addition to supplying solar energy generation equipment. Right now we have very good deals on grid tie solar panels ranging from 250 watts to 350 watts per panel, and very efficient 165 watt mono crystalline solar panels for boat or RV battery charging markets. Please call Everbright Solar's main line 510-498-8221 or 510-938-6668 for a quote or place your phone orders, before the online store is updated. Thank you for your interests!