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DYI Kit - Do It Yourself Kits

We have two different kinds of kits

DIY Solar Panel kit for making solar panels

Make your own solar panels! Do It Yourself solar panel kits include the solar product components that will allow the buyer to assemble components together to make a final product, and save money compared to buying finished products. It can be a great money saving measure, and a very educational product. Each kit contains the essential DIY components you need to connect solar cells: solar cells, tabbing wires, bus wire, a flux pen, and solder. Just encapsulate your connected solar cells to make solar power right away! These kits come in pre-packaged group of cells in the number of 36, 50, 108, 150, 200 cells. Please note that we recommend that the panels that you use be used in off grid battery charging application. For higher voltage grid tied projects, it's best to buy the professionally made UL certified panels and consult a solar professional.

Solar Education Kits for Learning Solar Theories

Learn the essentials of solar power and the theories of series and parallel connections through lab exercises. Each kit includes a multimeter, four 1.5 volt 500 mA mini solar panels, one .5 volt 500 mA mini solar panel, four connection wires with alligator clips, a mini motor. This solar education kit does not involve any soldering, so they are perfectly safe for younger solar students, compared to the DIY solar panels kits, which require the use of soldering irons, and work with bulky components such as big sheets of glass. Everbright Solar's solar education kits are currently being used by leading solar training programs in the United States.


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